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All you need is Love (and Crackers)!

Valentine's Day Collection 2022

Valentine's Day isn't just about the romance, it’s just a really nice day for little (and big) acts of love and appreciation. After the last few years, finding joy and happiness in every celebration really does make a huge difference. The world always needs more love and although we do show it all year round, we are absolutely here for the once a year over the top celebration on Valentine's. 

We wanted our small collection of crackers to help make Valentine's meaningful and celebrate those little moments. Our Crackers can be filled and gifted with the smallest tokens of love, thoughtful gestures and small treats to help make your Valentines, Galentines or Palentine’s Day super special.

Use our Crackers as table gifts, send as a gift to your friends and family or you can even the crackers treasure at the end of a Valentine’s hunt for the children. Our crackers have so many uses and can be reused year after year.
We've carefully selected two different collections for our 2022 Collection. Our first using Liberty London 'Love Birds' print in Pink and Blue and then we've jazzed up our luxury pink and red linen crackers with double red and pink ricrac embellishments and double pink and red picot ribbon ties. 
This year all our Valentine’s crackers come with real rose petal confetti to pop inside with your gifts or scatter on the table and we've also included blank paper 'tokens of love' to write your own lovely gestures and surprises...  'Breakfast in Bed', 'movie night’, ‘we are going on holiday!’ or even 'will you marry me'!

You can shop our Valentine's Day collection here.

Bring Love to the table!

We don't need an excuse to decorate the table here at HQ, whether it be at breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all three) making the table extra special is something that we are always here for. We've found some lovely 'love' themed things to inspire you to decorate your table with this Valentine's.

Napkins: We love Cocolulu pink linen and red ric rac napkins (not pictured) they match perfectly with our crackers you can find them here, pair your napkins with The Embroidered Napkin Company 'love you' Ribbons to finish off which you can find here, you really must see all of their Valentines collection it really is so beautiful.
Plates: We have chosen gorgeous Laetitia Rouget plates (not pictured) which you can find via Anthropologie here and these lip Clare V. plates (pictured) this year also via Anthropologie which you can find here. We love everything Meri Meri for the littles, we love their eco ranges for napkins and plates and they always have wonderful things for every occasion. They have a great Valentine's collection this year which you can find here.
We love these hand painted heart keepsakes from the ever talented Amy Swann. We'll be hanging these in our home all year round for many years to come. You can find them here but be quick as her collections sell out very fast!
Mini heart dishes you can find here and heart quilted fabric placemats you can find here.
Cards for Sweet nothings
Valentine’s cards are the perfect way to tell the special people in your life what they mean to you, even more special now we can hand deliver them to our family and friends. 
A hand drawn picture, a small photo or a handwritten note is equally as cherished and something that you do not have to buy to pop in our canisters.

I've chosen a beautiful card to give to Mr Crackers from Embellishing the Ordinary which you can find here. You can have your card personally embellished inside and on the envelope, which is a really special touch. I've also chosen a note set for words that I can pop inside our cracker canisters for the family, these ones are from Laetitia Rouget via Anthropologie which you can find hereWe've also got an extra special love token from Another Loop that we've had personalised for our daughters table setting which she'll enjoy popping in her keepsake box of cards. You can find this love token and other beautiful tokens here.

Fillers from the heart
We all know that it's what's in the cracker that makes it special right? Our favourite part is making sure the little gifts inside are really thought about for each individual person we gift to. If you aren't sure what to fill your crackers with, hopefully we'll be able to give you some inspiration!

For Mummy (me): I've treated myself to my favourite Red lipstick, with a little key ring from Tori Lo with our initials on which you can find here
(Diamonds also fits REALLY well in here too).

For Daddy: (chosen by little crackers) We've included a mini pencil and rubber for work and and two mini magnets hearts for his office drawers, so when he's working hard he'll see the hearts and think of us both. Rubber and pencil from a selection at Bery Lune and ceramic hearts from Clay Blanca via Etsy here.

For Grandma: we have packed hers full of strawberry and mint seeds from Piccolo Seeds which our daughter chose so she could help grow 'little tasty hearts' you can find a lovely selection here we've paired these with some ceramic markers from a selection on Etsy (make sure you check sizes for our 11cm tall canisters.) We've also popped in a little hand soap from Bery Lune for after she's been in the garden. You can find a wonderful selection of small gifts from Bery Lune here.

For Grandad: We've got him some sparkly heart socks chosen from a selection at Anthropologie and rolled up inside we've sneaked in a miniature bottle of his favourite scent from Penhaligon's which you can choose from their discovery sets here (keep the rest for other fillers!) and for an extra special something we adore this little miniature paint set from Lilian May Studio which you can find here.

For Uncle Crackers: We've filled his canister with some Seedlip spirit and a mini bottle of tabasco and a mini packet of celery salt so he's half way to making up his favourite Bloody Mary drink. You can find great miniature tipples from Not Another Bill here.

For the littles: The list is really really endless for Children, you don't have to go wild with fillers, especially with it being just after Christmas, filling our canister up with favourites chocolates is always a good idea. We've popped in a mini bar from Coco Chocolatier via Not another Bill here. We also have some Chocolate gift Company goodies on the way too, their Valentine's Collection is out of this world, which you can view here.

Little Crackers: We also thought it was a great opportunity to include a little rose quartz heart into our daughters cracker which can mean so many different things to whoever you send it too... a hug, thinking of you, I miss you... Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love! We've started to chat about what 'love' is with her this week so we thought this was perfect. We got this heart to put in her pocket when she heads into nursery, so when she misses us, if squeezes it, it will send her some extra special love from us. We also slipped in a sweet clothing patch from Eleanor Bowmer here to add to her summer denim jacket collection. I've also popped in some 99p paper glasses that make little heart shapes when they catch the light.

We always find going to any of your favourite websites and typing in 'mini' or 'miniature' always brings up some goodies that will fit within our canisters.
You can shop our Valentine's Day collection here.
ps. Don't forget all our Crackers are always handmade with HUGE amounts of (small business) love and passion on Valentine's Day and every day!