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Plastic Free and Zero Waste

Over 40 million Christmas crackers are thrown away each year, that’s a lot of waste. We wanted our crackers to last a lifetime, like a family heirloom that’s passed down for generations, so everything we put into our crackers is carefully considered. 

It’s beyond important to me that our crackers, unlike traditional crackers, are as good for the environment as possible, no waste, no plastic, just filled with happiness and magic. 

We hand make our crackers in Yorkshire, which means we’re reducing the pressure we put on the environment by making and sourcing everything as close to home as possible. It also means I can be obsessive about what we use to make our crackers, from biodegradable confetti to 100% recycled (and recyclable) card canisters.

Happy Crackers, Happy Planet!

To see more of what goes into our crackers, visit Our Materials page.