91 Days until Christmas! 🎄 Please allow 4 weeks for dispatch 📮


At Happy HQ we are always busy, so to help you find the answers you might need quicker, we thought we’d answer a few of the most common questions here. 

Why can I not order a box of 3 Crackers?
You can! Just add 3 Individual crackers to your basket. We'll make sure they are packaged-up nicely together and arrive in one box together for you. The same goes if you want 5 crackers. Add a box of 4 and then an individual one to your basket, and for 7, add a box of 6 and an additional cracker to your basket.
This might feel odd, but it’s the best way for us to keep track of inventory at our end for now.

How big is the filler Internal canister tube?

Our Canister is 11.5cm long and 4.5cm wide (we are updating our canister size to 12cm long and 5.1cm wide from the start of January 2022). If you need to measure any small gifts, we recommend using a left-over cardboard roll (an empty kitchen roll is ideal) and cut it to size. Our Canisters are made of Study 2.5mm thick Cardboard made from 100% recycled material with 128 gsm paper wrap made from sustainable pulp and come in either white or natural kraft. Each Canister features a slip lid with a rolled edge. Our canisters are made of recycled paper and are fully recyclable and biodegradable. The canisters are made using Eco friendly glue. They are also food and cosmetic safe and BPA Free and completely Vegan.

How long until my order is sent out?
Every Cracker is handmade to order, for you. Please allow 14-21 working days for us to make your order and for it to reach you.

Do you offer an express service?
As we are a small hand-made-to-order business, unfortunately we cannot make our crackers faster than the stated turnaround time of 14 to 21working days (though hopefully they'll often be with you way before that).

The only thing holding your order up will be stock supplies, and we'll always 
endeavour to get in touch if it's going to take a little longer. We know how special occasions are, so please contact us if you have a deadline and we'll do what we can to help.

Can you send as a gift direct to the recipient?
Yes we can! There is a section for a different shipping address at the checkout. If you would like to include a handwritten note (or the invoice removing), let us know by leaving a message in the order notes.

My Cracker Ties are fraying?

Over time, the satin ribbon will fray as this is the nature of the fibres. We have looked into preventing this and we are still testing to help prevent this! The only method we feel comfortable recommending at the moment is a regular trim which will keep them looking fresh.

Make sure to always cut on the diagonal as this will result in less fraying. Please do not attempt to nail varnish the ends. We offer an heirloom discount on replacement sets of ribbons should you need to change them up in years to come. Please contact us with your original invoice to activate this discount. 

Why don't you include cracker mottos?

No we don't but we a pack of Motto cards will be available online from September 2021. These will come blank for you to fill with your own message, joke, fun fact, charade or love note.

Why is there no snap?
Our crackers are designed to be unwrapped, like a gift. The very first Christmas cracker was invented by a London confectioner called Tom Smith. He developed and created the first cracker based on French bon-bons wrapped in paper with a twist at each end, no snap, and unwrapped like a gift. The unwrapping also aligned with how Happy Crackers idea was born, and consciously made to reduce to cracker waste. Please see our dedicated cracker waste page here to read more about this. To find out more about the origins of Happy Crackers, take a look here.

Why do you not include hats?
We wrote a blog post on this here.

I want Betsy in a different colour fabric, can you do this for me?
We welcome all your fabric suggestions! We make note of all requests with a view to adding them for the next season, but in short, we can’t offer a personalised fabric service at the moment… but watch this space!

Can I have a personalised Cracker?
Not yet – we are working hard to provide this service. We want the crackers to be lasting, so for us the only way we can do this is with a hand-embroidered service. At the moment, that would mean additional wait times and additional cost per cracker. When we feel we’ve nailed the balance between these factors, we’ll make sure to update you.