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Cracker Waste

Let's talk about Christmas cracker waste.

 One of the simple joys of Christmas, but the waste they produce each year is appalling.

40 million Christmas crackers are thrown away every year.




So many contain single-use plastic novelty tat, non-recyclable glitter-coated card, a shiny hat, a snap, shiny ribbons and arrive in plastic packaging. Once pulled the contents are almost immediately binned, which will all inevitably end up in landfill. Glitter micro-plastics are even known to end up in our water sources. On-top of all this, most crackers have been shipped across the world before they even reach you. A horrifying waste of money, resources and energy.

Our crackers won’t make your celebration or Christmas any less enjoyable because they're fabric. They unwrap, don't snap and they last for years and years! By making a more responsible swap to Happy Crackers, you'd be helping the environment by not contributing to the millions of crackers wasted every year.

Knowing you’ll be joining so many other families in choosing
to slash your waste makes Happy Crackers even happier. 

We're not forcing you to buy Happy Crackers (honestly) but if you purchased
our handmade, re-useable Crackers the whole world would do a happy dance!