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Forever Summer

This years Summer collection focuses on the season of laid back entertaining and celebrations with minimal organisation and little stress and the calm and care free afternoons that turn into warm, balmy, peaceful evenings.
The joys of a laid back simple alfresco suppers, cozy summer get togethers and a small informal celebrations - whether a rooftop soiree or a patio picnic. Layered up floor cushions and soft linens nestled in cosy corners of the garden, a retreat for intimate conversations and the sound of velvety music whilst barefoot, making tablescapes that sometimes aren't just for the table.

Here's to a Summer full of memories (and Crackers!) that last Forever.

A charming collection of fully reversible crackers, with prints on each side!

This collection is a mix of our favourite summer linens mixed with the age-old process of hand block-printed cotton that have been sourced directly from India. When we designed this collection we wanted to celebrate the season with bold and beautiful patterns bursting with vibrant splashes of the warmest and happiest colours which really capture our feelings during those summer months.

Named after delightful Summer cocktails, each Cracker comes with double patterns both sides, double trims on each side and coordinating double ribbons = Double the celebrations, double the memories and double the fun!

We've used a key palette of rich oranges, fuchsia, blue and yellow and some pale pinks and greens to soften the brights, you'll also find a few pops of neon. To achieve a balance with the patterns, we've contrasted larger scale prints with smaller intricate ones.