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Go Crackers for the King!

Kings Coronation Collectables 2023

When we saw the Liberty of London Coronation fabrics we knew immediately that we could create something extra special to honour our King and bring some joy to your celebrations and mark this moment in history, we also couldn't wait to do another Royal Collection!

We carefully selected prints that could be used for other occasions; the Musical March Soldiers we knew could be reused for Christmas or Birthdays or gifted for any soldier obsessed little one. We knew the Flags would suit any Royal celebration in the future. The Pride and Bloom illustrations and sparkly embellishments would look decadent on a scrumptious afternoon tea party table fit for any little princess or Queen! And of course all of them are reversible with our Luxury Linen so you can reuse them again and again for any other special occasions throughout the year.

All our Coronation crackers come with red, blue and silver biodegradable eco glitter confetti to pop inside with your gifts or scatter on the table and we've even included in all Coronation orders a packet of red poppy, white daisy and blue cornflower seeds for you to plant in honour of the King and his beautiful gardens.

coronation table

A Table fit for a King!
You know we don't need an excuse to decorate the table here at HQ, whether it be at breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all three) making the table extra special is something that we are always here for. We've found some lovely Coronation themed things to inspire you to decorate your table for this wonderful event. We didn't go all out with a over the top table spread for this occasion, as in reality we'll be having a small brunch on the day, so that's exactly what we styled for.

For the table cloth - which you'll probably recognise, we used some of our Santa Stripe Linen fabric that we kept spare so we could use it as a table cloth. Theres nothing more wonderful than a fancy tablecloth but we find buying a few metres of lovely fabric is a great way to make a table cloth if you can't find what you are looking for.
We reused our double sided Liberty scalloped Christmas place mats from Coco & Wolf which you can find here. They were in the perfect colour to tie in with the Regal reds, blues and whites but also soft enough to match up with the pink too, and you know us ~ the more Liberty prints the better!
We set the scene with these amazing 'God Save The King' Posters from Polar Post which you can find here. They also double up as wrapping paper on the reverse - they are also wonderful enough to frame!

A Royal Invitation
We'd all love to get our hands on an actual Royal invitation but we think this extra special Invitation from Polar Post to remember the occasion is pretty darn special. 
I don't think our celebration table is ever without a little bit of Polar Post magic and this invite brings it in big gold Kings carriages a plenty! 
Polar Post has created some really special mementos to be enjoyed for the Coronation and treasured far beyond it. 
The Collection focuses on King Charles III's love of the natural world and the commitment he has demonstrated over a life times work to preserving our fragile planet for our children and future generations.
You can get your special invite here.


Crowning Moment

Preferably one that will be kept and treasured long after the party has ended and can also wear everyday if one fancies! We brought out our favourite Fable Heart velvet Christmas crowns, which again can be reused so much throughout the year for celebrations and dress up. Fable Heart has launched a small and beautiful collection of Coronation party crowns which you can find here - and there's some that match our Crackers!

We also have a Royal paper hat keepsake again from Polar Post - which I'm sure Grandad will fall asleep in at some point this coming weekend!

Royal Dishes

We champion a lot of small UK businesses but we also have one or two bigger UK brands we admire and are inspired by. Cath Kidston being one of those. We love diving into the work behind the Collections. The illustration work over the past few years has been out of this world, their Coronation plates match up so well alongside our crackers and capture everything so beautifully, you can find them here along with matching teacups and saucers.

We've layered up these plates with some patterned plates we already had to elevate the illustrations (and add our signature pop of pink) and matched them up with some larger really affordable regal edged plates which brought the whole plate setting to life, which you can find here

A Moment in History

We are all about the details on the table and the conversations sparked by those extra little joys you find. Amy Swann did not disappoint with her heirloom collection for Coronation, we couldn't help but grab a few of her pieces to go on our table. They are perfect placed alongside our Crackers, you can even pen a name on the back as a table setting, most of all though we can see these coming out of a special keepsake box in the future and the stories we will tell of the good times we had to mark this special moment in history.

You can find Amy's Coronation pieces here.

Choc-full of fun

No celebration is complete without some sweet treats and these Coronation themed chocolates are perfect to pop inside our crackers, as after dinner coffee chocolates or a plate full of fun for the little ones to enjoy. We chose these soldiers and an emblem penny from choconchoc which you can find here, we paired them with some classic milk chocolate crowns from good old Marks and Sparkle.

High Tea at Home

No Coronation themed table this coming weekend is going to be without a scone, triangle sandwiches and a Vicky sponge! So it was only right we included a Raspberry, blueberry and clotted cream flag topped Cake for the occasion. Complete with a Royal Family pop up card topper!

We got this Card from our local card shop but its available all over the internet and will bring a few giggles to the table I'm sure. If only Harry and Meghan could have made it!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Obviously there had to be flags on the table, and we are HUGE lovers of the flag bunting, its just so joyous, but we didn't want it to be over kill, so we softened the setting and made these beautiful paper chains with some wrapping paper from Cambridge Imprint, we went with a few pieces of red coloured wrap, a few pieces of blue wrap and a few pieces of blue and red wrap to tie in with the table. You can find their papers here.

We cut them into paper chain sized strips and used double sided rug tape to secure them. We also used the double sided removable rug tape to hang from the walls and ceiling so we don't bring paint off the walls. Rug tape is also great so we can dismantle the chains without ripping them and store them to reuse. We also made some Coronation table bunting from left over scraps of fabric.

We always like documenting these big events in our house with a few words so we always get a card to pop inside the keepsake box with the special treasures from the day. We got this gorgeous illustrated King Charles print from Manchester Illustrator MoonBeanDesign via Etsy which you can find here. We also loved this pink Coronation card from HartistDesign via Etsy.

You might spy King Charles's face on the table too... we bought a set of Royal Family face masks to give to our own family this weekend! We can't wait to get a photo of us all together - one to print out for the keepsake box!

King of the fillers

As you know we always try and find little things for keepsake fillers that can be used or treasured (or eaten) so nothing goes into landfill. We found some really inexpensive small gifts here which are perfect for fillers.

We chose a gold King Charles spoon for our Royal (Doll) Tea parties, a crown jewel pen - a recent 'not a felt tip' adult pen obsession of our 3 year old - which writes many a pretend shopping list and prescription every day. We also got a not a King keyring of the Queen - as every time we chat about the coronation Little Crackers asks us 'Will the Queen be there?' So we thought we'd keep her in a key ring for now until we try and explain to a 3 year old where she is. 

We also purchased a VERY special King Charles felt hanging keepsake that we will treasure for a very long time from the Incredible Jimjam Designs which you can find hereHe fits so perfectly in our crackers!

No celebration in our house is complete without a BowBeaus party animal, we reused one for this table, but BowBeaus Coronation Collection animals are just AMAZING complete with little Union Jack flags and Crown Jewels, you can find them here.

For the adults at the table, small bottles of celebratory spirit (London Gin) is an absolute must! Royal Themed socks are also a great gift, and you can also pop in our Coronation seeds to a keen gardener in your family if you are short on ideas.

If you are wanting something extra extra special, all the official Royal Gift shops online have a wonderful selection of small gifts that will fit inside our crackers.

We always find going to any of your favourite shopping websites and typing in 'mini' or 'miniature' always brings up some goodies that will fit within our canisters.

You can shop our Coronation collection here. 
Available for Next Day special delivery until the 4th May.