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Happiest Crackers around!

Our new Happy Linens really are the most sustainable = happiest crackers, in. the. world! 

Together with our carefully considered trims, 100% recycled satin ribbons, cotton thread and our matching cotton-linen blend backings these impressive crackers are our most happiest, (cutest), and most sustainable collection yet. Here's why...

We LOVE linen! 

Linen is a durable natural fibre derived from the flax plant. Flax needs little or no fertilisers and due to the local climate, little extra water. It doesn’t really require many pesticides either as it can grow in poor quality soil. The Advisory Commission Report to the European Parliament stated that flax cultivation has positive effects on eco-system diversity as it allows for an “environmental pause”. One hectare of flax can retain 3.7 tonnes of CO2. Every part of the plant is used, what isn’t used to produce linen is used to make linseed oil, paper, cattle feed and even soap.

Linen is almost naturally organic. It is completely biodegradable, recyclable and due to its natural absorbency, it requires less dye than cotton. Linen therefore scores high on the ecological chart.

Linen is naturally stain resistant, does not pile, and is moth repellent. It is easy to wash as it can sustain high temperatures, is has very little if no shrinkage and is very strong. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and hypo allergenic. This linen is produced in small batches in Eastern Europe where there is a strong heritage of spinning and weaving linen fabric. This linen is yarn dyed, meaning the yarns are dyed before being woven using AZO-free dyes.

We wanted to find and use more beautifully considered linens that not only looked magnificent but linens that would best represent what we do here at Happy Crackers and add to our mission in sustainability. 

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Linen info source 2022: Merchant & Mills