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Spring is in the air

For our new Spring collection we focused on the first colours of Spring and took inspiration from those first blooms. From the delicate colours of primroses, hyacinths and blossoms, to the brighter tones of crocuses and daffodils and the fresh spring snowdrop white.
We knew a solid collection of Betsy florals alongside classics such as Katie and Millie, Claire-Aude and Michelle would bring our spring collection into full bloom. You'll even find a Limited Edition butterfly cracker fluttering around in our new Spring Collection.
We also brought back our bestselling Spring Theo, with its pastel shades, twittering birds and skittering creatures amidst the garden undergrowth, knowing they certainly wouldn't look out of place alongside our beautiful new spring florals.  
Whether placed at your table or tucked into Easter baskets we hope our new spring collection helps makes those little moments meaningful over the Easter holidays. Fill and gift with the smallest tokens of love, thoughtful gestures and small treats to help make this years Easter super special. 

You can shop our new 'Spring' collection here.