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2022 Larger Canisters
2022 Larger Canisters
2022 Larger Canisters
2022 Larger Canisters

Happy Crackers

2022 Larger Canisters

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Not only have we grown since those first canisters, our canisters have grown too!

If you've been with us from the beginning you'll probably be wanting to increase the size of your canisters (they were small!). We have finally designed the perfect size canisters for your gifts. 

We've streamlined our new canisters, we've removed our extra thick aluminium liner to give you optimum space for gifts. They are still safe for food and cosmetics. They are made completely from recycled materials and as always reusable and recyclable at the end of their use. Still full of sustainable charm.

Our canister is completely exclusive to us, in size, colour and it now has a Happy Crackers branded lid!

We always knew one day we'd make exclusive canisters, so we designed our Cracker to be able to adapt whenever that day came. So whenever our canisters change and adapt to become ever better, you'll be safe knowing your fabric will never have too and you'll never need to replace your crackers.

A Happy upgrade indeed!

We can't tell you our canister size (it's secret). For those who have our crackers already, you can see our handy photo chart to see how much they've grown since the start. For those who are buying new, trust us - there's plenty of room for lots of small gifts. Drop us an email and we'll let you know if your gift will fit or not ;)