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Strawberry Thief Grey
Strawberry Thief Grey
Strawberry Thief Grey

Happy Crackers

Strawberry Thief Grey

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Made with Liberty of London Tana Lawn 100% Cotton.

We have brought to you two different Strawberry Thief colourways perfect for Father's Day. Fill with a favourite tipple, bottle opener, Tie clip, cufflinks or any small special items. Serve with Breakfast in Bed for the ultimate Fathers Day Gift! Can be lovingly reused every Father's Day, Christmas, or Birthday!

Strawberry Thief Grey is fully reversible with Ice Blue Linen. Embellished with double navy velvet trims and Moonlight Ties.

First printed by William Morris in 1883, Strawberry Thief was part of a group of designs incorporating animals with flowers. Introduced as a furnishing fabric for Liberty in 1979, it depicts birds stealing fruit within Morris’s Oxfordshire garden.

Crackers come with a ready to fill carton and lid inside. Fill with your own novelties and surprises. Please see our Blog and Instagram for Inspiration and ideas for themed fillers and tablescapes. 

Each Cracker is handmade to order and comes fully assembled on arrival. In your box, you'll also find a small bag of 'Happyfetti' to use with your crackers, use it inside the carton or inside the fabric. Every Cracker and set comes with a sturdy heirloom gift box that will keep them dust free and fresh for years to come.

Each cracker is machine washable, even the ribbons. To keep your crackers looking beautiful year after year we advise you to follow our fabric and care Instructions guidelines which you can find here.